Monday, November 30, 2009

T minus 5 days

I think the butterflies are starting to arrive. I am looking forward to Saturday but I would be fooling myself if I said I wasn't nervous. I am ready. I have done the distance (except maybe for the swimming ...), the gels and bars are bought and the bike will get new tyres and some extra love today.

We did a second skinfold test (measuring fat %) on Saturday, and this is what Steve, who did the test said "Catarina, all except one skinfold sites were lower, while all girths were also lower - indicative of good hard training and a sensible diet. Best of luck next weekend."

Think I know which site isn't going down. Some people say that hope is the last thing than will leave a person. I say it is the "Ryggskinkor" (sorry for you that might still be struggling with the Swedish language, but the translation just isn't as good... I am however talking about that area of the back just over bum that really isn't part of the bum but still like to take on the appearance of one ...)

Nico did some running on Sunday and his knees are still pretty intact. Hopefully they won't make him do a marathon walk on Saturday. But even if the pain won't stop the run, doing a marathon with pretty much no training could be ... eh ... interesting.
He is however stronger than ever on the bike, if you ask the guys riding the "hour of power" on Friday mornings anyway!

While most of us will be pacing ourselves on the bike, to be ready for the run, I think Nico will be blasting the field with not much concern of saving energy for what might just turn out to be a long walk anyway!

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